“Banana Island Ghost” full movie download

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“Banana Island Ghost” is a comedy nollywood movie for most Nigerians

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This movie which was written and directed by BB Sasore is a comic movie about a ghost who is afraid to go to heaven because he does not have a soulmate as a result of this he begged God to give him three days to fall in love. The ghost (Patrick Diabuah) is joined with the cranky firecracker Ijeoma(Chioma Omeruah) who will do anything to redeem her father’s house in Banana Island from the bank coming to reclaim it in three days.Ijeoma turns to God for a solution to her problem as she is left with three days to find 18million naira.

“Banana Island Ghost” is a somewhat predictable comedy movie, but it’s funny. It’s the kind of movie a lot of Nigerians will like.

The product placement in “Banana Island” is awkwardly noticeable. The scene with Dorcas Shola Fapson sipping a bottle of coke could pass for a Coca-Cola advert.

Other brands like Health Plus, Cold Stone, BRT among others find their way into the story a few times, even when there’s no need for them.

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